Submit Information

Whether you are a supplier, a service provider or anyone who wants to submit information through the mobile app but for some reason you cannot download or install the AT-Info-Map App on your Android phone, or you’re too busy to enter information about company profile and its AT products that it supplies, or information about an organization and its services that it provides, we have some good news for you.

The AT-Info-Map team will be happy to help by entering such information both into the App and on our online database AT database on your behalf, at no cost. All you have to do is to use on web platform to submit the information to us, and all we will do is just to quality check before we publish the information.

We don’t charge for marketing any company’s AT-related products to the global market, or for promoting an AT-related service provided by an organization, because under this Google-funded project it is our job to ensure that persons with disabilities and other stakeholders have increased access to information about AT products.

So, you’re helping us as a charity initiative to achieve our goals, while at the same we’re helping you to market your products and services – it’s a win-win scenario.

For this reason, we ask you to spend about 10 minutes or less of your time to send us some details about your company and the AT-products that you sell/supply, which will be included in both the AT-Info-Map App and the web database after we, if necessary, quality check the information submitted to us online.

Please click here to submit the listing

Note that before you start inputting information on the web form, remember to verify whether you are submitting information about a service provider or an AT supplier. If you’re submitting the latter,  click on the “Assistive Tech Supplier” tab. But if you’re submitting information about a service provider, you don’t necessarily need to click on the “Disability Services” tab as that sis the default tab.