App Installation

Downloading and Installing AT-Info-Map Apps

Step 1:
Got to Google Playstore on your Android phone, and search for “CommCare”.  Then click on the first CommCare App that appears in search results. Clicking on “Install” and then “Accept” will download and install the CommaCare shell within which the two apps (i.e. the AT-Info-Map Consumer app and the At-Info-Map Portal app) will be running. Click “Open” when installation of the shell is complete, or click on the CommCare icon in the Apps tray.

Step 2:

(a) The AT-Info-Map Portal app:
If you are a supplier/service provider, you can download the AT-Info-Map Portal app which will enable you only to input information about your company and AT products that a supplier sells/suppliers. Besides suppliers, it also has a section where service providers can input information about the services related to AT that they provide.

The Portal App can be downloaded using either the app code or the bar code.  Click on “Enter Code” and then input the following app code:


If the app code is correct, proceed to click “Start Install”

For details about logging in and using the Portal app after you have installed it, read Using the AT-Info-Map Portal App on the Android Phone.

(b) The AT-Info-Map Consumer app:
This will enable everyone to to view the app (it doesn’t matter whether you’re a supplier, service provider, or any other person). This means if you are not a supplier, service provider, or front-line worker or anyone who may not need to enter information into the app, you only need this app to view the information stored on it. Every information inputted through the Portal app is ultimately stored on this Consumer for viewing only.

Everyone who wants to view the information on this app can download this AT-Info-Map Consumer App (instructions on how to have multiple CommCare apps on your phone here). Click on “Enter Code” and then input the following app code:


If the app code is correct, proceed to click “Start Install”.

After installation is complete, you can start using and enjoying the app by logging in each time you want to view the information on the app. Please use the following login credentials:

Username: at
Password: 123

Are you facing installing challenges?

You can watch our installation videos below:

(apologies, this video with be replaced with the correct video soon)

Still facing installing challenges?

Feel free to contact us below and we will answer all your questions.