Using the AT-Info-Map Portal App

Using the AT-Info-Map Portal App on the Android Phone

For suppliers, service providers, and anyone intending to enter data into the AT-Info-Map Portal App, using the app is not complicated at all.  The first thing you need to do is to download the Portal App. To download, please click on this link  to access step-by-step procedures for downloading and installing both the AT-Info-Map Portal App and the AT-Info-Map Consumer App. After you’re done, please return to this page to continue where you left.

Step 1:

Login into the app using the following login credentials:

Username: botswana
(or the name of the country in which you operate, as long as it’s all small caps. If you are based in South Africa, combine the two words so that the username become southafrica)

Password: 123
(the is the same irrespective of the country in which you are based).

Step 2:

After clicking on ‘Start”, this is the first page that one sees in the AT-Info-Map Portal app which gives two options; either to enter data for supplier(s) or to input data for other organizations (service providers).

When you are logged in, click on “Start”. This will take you to a page with two tabs as follows:

(a) Supplier Information: This is where the AT supplier provides all information related to the company and the AT-related products that the company sells/supplies. Note that a front-line worker (Rehabilitation officer, social worker, DPO, etc.) can also use this section to provide information/details about any supplier.

(b) Organization Information: This is where other AT related service providers provide all information related to the services or work that they do related to AT. They may include a DPO (Disabled Peoples Organization), hospital/clinic,  etc.

Step 3:

After clicking on “Supplier Information”, you can start inputting information by responding to a series of question. When you answer each question, swipe to move to the next question. Continue until you reach the last question/page. You have the opportunity to review all your responses (and move back if you made a mistake or if you want to add/subtract certain information) before you click submit.

For the “Organization information”, please follow the same procedure.

Step 4:

Once the form is submitted, our admins will review the information that has been provided and publish it to the Consumer for everyone to view.

Before publishing, however, admins may contact you as part of the quality-check exercise just to seek clarification or verify one or two responses. That process shouldn’t be taxing, so the information that has been provided can be available on the app within a day, hours or minutes depending on the cooperation of the supplier during the quality-checking process.

Send Us Your Company & AT Product Details Now

If you are still confused with the steps for downloading and/or installing the app provided on this link, or if your Android phone has run out of space to take in more apps, or if you are just too busy to find enough time to download/install and then enter your company and product information into the app, we have some good news for you.

The AT-Info-Map team will be happy to help you by entering such information into the app on your behalf, at no cost.

To make things easier for you, you just need to spend about 10 minutes or less of your time to fill in some details on our online form about your company or another company you know and the AT products that it sells/supplies; or information about an organization and its AT-related services that it provides.

Once we review the information and, if necessary, quality-check it, we will then publish on both the AT-Info-Map App as well as our online database.

Please send the information here!

Share us your Number

Still not comfortable with the last option above? Just share your number by sending an email, calling on +267 317 0751, tweeting, texting on Whats-app on +267 74184560 , or simply inboxing us on our Facebook page.

Trust us, we’ll either call you back and arrange for a face-to-face , or phone you, or even arrange for a Skype interview to collect the required information (or to provide you with any other technical support you need).

Suppliers particularly in Botswana are also welcome to visit our offices.